The alumni of La Martiniere Girls' College formed an Association of its own by the name of La Martiniere Girls' Alumni Association (L.M.G.A.A.) in 2006. This is a registered body, looking forward to building a close association with as many Old Martinians as possible. The Association opened its membership to the old boys of La Martiniere College, Lucknow on 13th September, 2008. We are here for a mission, our group is not one meant merely for reunions, but we have plans and aims to do our school proud. The Association plans to have regular meetings with the aim of bringing together Martinians from all over the world. The old girls and boys have brought laurels to the school and are associated or working for practically every field. We intend to spread the spirit of our Alma Mater everywhere by upholding the ideals and traditions we learnt in school. L.M.G.A.A. aspires to be a practical working organisation, for the benefit of education, society and our fellow beings. We plan to spread the message of goodness and comradeship through our endeavours. For any further information regarding the association you may write to us at